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New Showroom

Distributors and Official  Technical Service. Advice, training, sale of machines, spare parts and accessories. If something differentiates us is our concern for our customers, that's why we are the only ones who move our experienced team to deliver, advise and train the operators in use.

Sales and after-sales support, maintenance and repair services, application experience, inventory availability, including parts and accessories

GRACO, a world leader in the manufacture of fluid handling equipment and processes, such as airless equipment, road signaling equipment, H.V.L.P. equipment, mixed equipment, pneumatic or hydraulic, hydro-washers and all kinds of accessories.

Our staff is highly qualified to advise and start up any Graco machinery supplied to our customers.

Graco offers a wide selection of line stripers for striping contractors. Choose from ride-on-systems, truck mounted, walk-behind, or thermoplastic line stripers. Graco scarifiers remove traffic paint, epoxy coatings or thermoplastic, as well as inlay grooving and smoothing uneven surfaces. Our line striping equipment is designed for easy use and high-quality results.

G-Force II

Pressure washer

Pressure washing equipment for occasional to heavy duty  commercial cleaning

LineLazer V

For small to large jobs that demand line perfection every time

LineLazer V 250DC

Spray two colors simultaneously with the LineLazer V 250DC.


The most user-friendly, innovative thermoplastic striper to hit the streets.


Ideal for removing traffic lines and smoothing uneven surfaces.

RoadLazer RoadPak System

Modular, One Person Operation Road Striping System

Tackle the tough jobs you've wanted to do with this more compact, simpler, and highly productive RoadLazer RoadPak System.

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