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In SDC the main objective is to meet the needs of our customers by providing them with a wide range of Road Marking machinery and accessories . We are official dealer of  GRACO,Prefatherm and Service Partner from HOFMANN .

Our qualified staff with over 10 years experience in:


-Repair And restoration

-Electricity and electronic



-Welding (Electrode, Mig Mag, Plasma ...)

-Paint Cabin


We have facilities and equipment of last generation We make the maximum possible repairs at our facilities so as not to waste time to our customers   why SDC know that "time is money". No matter where you are, Sdc we are committed to provide parts and services to keep their road marking machines in optimum condition We realize restoration of any roadmarking machine.In our company we guarantee that parts and materials used are 100 × 100 Original Parts (we have a large stock).

We also offer service and advice for Marking removal and Rubber removal.

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